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Installing MS Office to a Machine without an optical drive….

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Last week i sold a customer a shiney new Samsung NC10 Notebook PC. It has windows Xp – 1 GB RAM – 160 GB Hard Drive its a nice 10.2″ laptop. It has a nice shiney black finish on the back and basically is a very sweet thing. You may or may no know that machines of this size invaribaly dont come with a CD or DVD drive. So you may ask how do you install Office or anything else for that matter on a machine with no CD Drive.

Ok this is how we do it.

Firstly you need set up your network for file and printer sharing. We are doing this all in XP for this example anyone wanting an explenation in vista let me know and i will do that for you also. Im using XP here as most of these mini pc’s come with XP.

To set up a your network on the laptop click on Start > Control Panel> Network Setup Wizard

This is the image that you will get first.


Click Next to skip past the Welcome screen. Click Next again to move past the Before You Continue screen. The Select A Connection Method page appears.


  1. Choose one of these three options:

  • This Computer Connects Directly To The Internet – The Other Computers On My Network Connect To The Internet Through This Computer. Select this option if you’ve already set up the Internet connection on the computer. Click Next to continue.

  • This Computer Connects To The Internet Through Another Computer On My Network Or Through A Residential Gateway – If you use a router or residential gateway to manage shared Internet access, select this option and click Next to continue. If you use Internet Connection Sharing and you see this screen, stop and check your Internet connection. If ICS is properly set up, the wizard should display a different page of the wizard, as described at the end of this section.

  • Other – Select this option if your computer is connected to the Internet directly or through a hub, or if your network has no Internet access. If you choose this option and click Next, you will see the Other Internet Connection Methods page.

For this exersice we will select the first option that this computer connects directly to the internet. As we are connected directly to a Router.  Click next to continue.


On the Give this computer a description and name page, type a computer description (such as “Kid’s Computer”) and computer name (such as “Desktop”). Click Next.


On the Name your network page, type MSHOME. Then click Next.


If you have files or a printer that you want to share with other computers on your home network, select Turn on file and printer sharing. Otherwise, leave Turn off file and printer sharing selected. Then click Next.


On the Ready to apply network settings page, click Next.


The Network Setup Wizard sets up your computer. On the You’re almost done page, click Just finish the wizard. Then click Next. Then you are Finished.

You may be asked to restart the computer you should do this.

Then run the wizard on your other computer with the CD Drive do the same as above but remember the Network name.  Make sure that you do it the same as in this example MSHOME.

Once both computers have run through the wizard you should be able to click on Start and Network Places and see both machines are displaying your shared folders.

Now on the machine with the CD Drive you need to share the CD Drive with the nework.

Click on Start > My Computer

Then right click on your CD Drive that you are going to use and click on Sharing and Security.

You will be hit with a warning asking if you are sure you want to continue just hit writing to continue. You will then be given the following box.


Tick the share this folder on the network box and tick allow network users to change my files.

Give your folder a Name as this is a CD drive choose something like CD or D:

Click on Apply and OK.

Now the CD Drive is networked. Click on Start > My Network Places and you should see your CD Drive sharing with the network.  If it doesnt show first time restart your computer. This normally will fix that.

Ok so pop the office CD into the drive and cancel the auto start box that appears.

Now go to the laptop and click on Start > My Network Places >

Then click on the shared CD drive that you named earlier.

You should see all of the files on the CD. Find and double click the setup.exe file.

You will then be presented with the Enter A Product Key box.


Enter your 25 key Product Key and click on Continue.


Tick I accept the terms of this agreement and click on Continue.


Click on Install Now.


Go crush up some coffee beans and make yourself a nice cuppa coffee…. by the time you have done that you should be presented with a box like this.


And you are done… well done.

  1. February 4, 2009 at 11:55 am

    After carefully reading reviews on the web and YouTube i found out that the NC10 is the best netbook all around. I bought it along with the Crucial 2GB memory both for $489, as soon as it arrived i changed the memory module and i have to say that its way too easy anybody can do it. After fully charging the battery and setting up the OS i was very impressed.

    -Amazing battery life mine lasted a little more than 6 hours at normal performance.
    -You can select between Max battery life, normal and max performance which is great for saving battery life.
    -Great recovery tool, it saves the initial state of your laptop in case anything goes wrong you can just go back to the beginning
    – The keyboard is great, and the keys are in the right place unlike some other netbooks.
    -The screen is very bright and can be adjusted, also its not glossy so you don’t have the usual glare when using it outside and its very bright when using it outdoors.
    – Bluetooth and Wifi (The NC10 gets a better signal than my HP notebook).
    – It runs fast.
    – Great touchpad gestures.
    – Very nice design i specially like the front led’s at night.
    – Integrated webcam and the software for it is good, it allows you to record video and take still pictures.
    – Great connectivity: 3 USB, Ethernet, External display, mic, headphones, Memory card reader, Bluetooth and Wi-fi

    – You have to get used to the keyboard and keypad, the touchpad is small, takes a little bit of getting used to but the touchpad gestures make it way easier to use and you get used to both pretty quickly.
    – Was unable to install Adobe Illustrator due to the resolution of the screen (basically the screen is too small for that program) but not to worry i have it installed on my other computer.
    – The memory card reader is not compatible with the Memory Stick (MS) format it only accepts SD, SDHC and MMC.
    – Requires an external CD/DVD reader, but that’s to be expected on a netbook.

    Its a great netbook specially because of the battery life, great for traveling and moving around, i really appreciate the freedom it gives you since my old laptop’s batteries where old and gave up in only 40 minutes, now i have 6 hours of use, its very fast with 2GB (i highly recommend buying it along with the 2GB memory).

    Find cheap Samsung NC10 Netbook

  2. March 12, 2009 at 10:09 am

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for this – followed it dead easy and now have office on my Sammy netbook NC10

  3. December 14, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    Thanks for the help…

  4. RS
    May 15, 2011 at 1:38 pm

    Thank you, very helpful. Just installed Office Pro 2003 on my new Lenovo X220, no optical drive, worked perfectly!

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